Frequently asked questions

About our products

What are your products made of?

Our teething necklaces are made with food grade silicone beads, organically polished wooden beads (where applicable), strong comfy nylon satin cord and are completed with a breakaway clasp for those grabby hands that like to pull. These silicone necklaces won't break, but simply just snap off your neck if pulled too hard and can easily reattached.

Are your products safe?

I stand by my products and their safety 100%. I would never make or sell anything I would not give my own kids. However, like everything, there are safety precautions to my products I take seriously. Please read our Safety and Care policy. All our Silicone Products are... * BPA FREE, Phthalates FREE, Cadmium FREE, Lead FREE & PVC FREE * Highest quality food-grade silicone on the market (made specifically for teething babies) * FDA Approved, CPSIA and CPSC Compliant * NO smell NO taste

How do I take care of my jewelry?

Its simple: just use soap & rinse with water, let air dry or dry with a clean towel. Just like you clean other baby items. Do not put into sterilizer. While on the go the jewelry can be wiped clean with baby wipes between uses or when dirty.

Shipping & Returning

Where and how do you ship?

We want to ship to all countries. If you do not see your country on the checkout page, please drop us a mail or write us via our contact us page. We will try to get shipping quotes as soon as possible and let you know. In Bulgaria we use Bulgarian Post and Speedy (both at different cost) and offer either to ship to an office of Speedy or to your door. Outside of Europe we ship with Bulgarian Post and to your address only. As we just started our business we are working on providing better solutions for shipping the products. Please bear with us while we try our best to provide you better offers.

How long do I wait for my order?

We try to process your order within 1-2 business days and provide it to our shipping partner. The shipping window depends on where you live. In Europe its usually 7-10 businessdays. Outside of Europe it might take longer. In Bulgaria the shipping takes 2-3 business days.

What is our Return Policy?

We adhere to the law of the European Union of 14 days return policy after you have received your order. If you decide to return your order please send us a mail ( or fill out our contact form and let us know that you’d like to return your purchase; please add the reason why you have decided so as we’d like yo improve our store and the customer experience. How and what to return: You must send the unused goods back within 14 days of informing us. This means that we will not accept products that were separated from their packaging (removed zip-ties) as we deem this as an used product. Please note that the cost of sending back the product is paid by you, the buyer. Refunds: We will give you a refund within 14 days of receipt of your cancelled product (we will wait until we have received the product back) This refund will include any shipping charges you paid when you made your purchase. However, we will charge you delivery costs if you specifically requested non-standard (express) delivery.

Shipping Tariff

International Shipping: We chose to send via Bulgarian Post with a delivery notification. This is the only solution that is not too expensive. With Bulgarian Post we charge per gram (article). Bulgaria: As we operate out of Bulgaria we can offer solutions with BG Post and Speedy. This is based on the customers option. We built our prices in a manner not to profit from the shipping cost.

General Questions

Why is your site only in english?

In order to launch our Site as soon as possible we started with the english version. We are working on the german and bulgarian version, so expect them soon. For the time being (sorry for the inconvenience) you can use Google Chrome to translate the site automatically.