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Length 80cm

Easy adjustable

Foodgrade Silicone



BPA & Phthalate free

Satin Cord

Exclusive design avoids hair snags

Gentle touch

Flexible and firm,

drool proof

On-trend style

Original designs

Can be refrigerated

Safety breakaway clasp

Snaps apart and back together


3 in 1

As all parents, we too were desperately looking for a solution to teething problems ... and found one. We founded Biberschatz!

Our mission is to help mothers and babies overcome the difficult period in which the babies' teeth grow. Our products are designed to help baby and parents through the teething period, ease their pain and bring comfort.


On the page how to find us, you can locate the nearest shop where Biberschatz products are displayed so you can see and feel Biberschatz experience.

Biberschatz’s name is derived from German words

“Biber” = Beaver and “Schatz” = Treasure… Our little boy Christian inspired us for this unique name. He is the biggest treasure in our lives, he gnaws on just about anything right now, leaving bite marks just like a beaver.

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